Archery Sessions

Want something a bit different for your youth club, party or event? I hold an Archery GB instructor award and can bring the required kit to you and run the session.

Ideal for ages 7 and upwards, including adults, the session will get you set up with the right bow and arrows for you, guide you through your first shots to improve your technique. Depending on the length of the session this will then be followed with free shooting and games.

There are minimum sizes for indoor and outdoor ranges for safety reasons. Depending on the groups ages and abilities the maximum number of people shooting at the same time is 6, with a ideal of 12 in a session (this can be increased to 18 for groups with additional supervision).

I hold the relevant permits for scout groups and will offer a reduced rate for such groups.

Please get in touch if you would be interested in running/hosting a session to discuss details.